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Constructing Relationships

In communities struggling with youth violence, gangs, and poor academic performance, adults and community members often view youth and delinquent youth behaviors as “the problem”. In doing so, adults may neglect to view young people in the context of their lived experiences and unique paths to creating powerful identities, meaning, and well-being and may lose the opportunity to engage youth as powerful social change agents within their communities. Choppin' it Up was a collaborative inquiry with youth about their lives and experiences and ways they survive and thrive in the face of adversity. 



The Peer Mentoring Project at Kent State University is a program that was started as a way to support undergraduate teacher candidates in their required Educational Psychology course. Mentoring has been found to increase students’ academic success, social skills, self-efficacy, and ability to refine their professional dispositions. More importantly, mentoring serves to connect learners on a university campus; it diminishes the din of isolation while opening possibilities of connectedness in the world.

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In this innovative Masters,  students are invited to engage in research and inquiry as a social process, as an activity that can be embedded in all their projects, creating therefore new possibilities. Through this collaborative exploration the students learn that research can be fun and sexy, in the sense that is a happy, sensual and engaging activity.

In this way, a closer proximity between theory and practice happens, favoring opening spaces for conversations and creativity, in which research and practice can be reconciled.

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Anne demonstrates Vygotsky's ZPD